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As of October 1st 2021, Evergreen Fetal Therapy is becoming The Seattle Children's Maternal Fetal Intervention and Surgery Program. 


From Martin Walker, MD, and Bettina Paek, MD, Mark Lewin, MD, and Wendy McGrath


Dear MFM and OB colleagues, 


Many of you have supported the Evergreen Fetal Therapy Center since its inception in 2002. Without your trust and that of your patients, we would never have succeeded. Over the years, we have grown to become one of the busiest and most experienced fetal treatment teams in the US. We have always been limited, though, by the fact that we do not practice at a children’s hospital with support from pediatric sub-specialists.


With that in mind, we, Martin Walker, MD, Bettina Paek, MD,  and Melissa Dorn, RN, our fetal therapy coordinator, along with our experienced sonography team, have joined Seattle Children’s to lead the Maternal Fetal Intervention and Surgery Program effective October 1st 2021.  At Seattle Children’s we are joined by Rebecca Stark, MD, pediatric surgeon. We are excited to join Seattle Children’s Fetal Care and Treatment Center in, under the leadership of Dr. Mark Lewin, and directed by Wendy McGrath. 


We made the choice to move our clinical team from Evergreen to expand our services and help train the next generation of fetal therapists for the Pacific Northwest. We are currently working on developing an in-utero meningomyelocele program and look forward to other new clinical services.


How to Refer a Patient Effective October 1, 2021:


For ANY maternal-fetal intervention or surgery concerns: Call 206-987-5629 to speak with Mellissa Dorn, MN, RN, the fetal therapy nurse coordinator or text or call Dr. Walker or Dr. Paek directly. An appointment request form is not required. 


Services the Maternal Fetal Intervention and Surgery Program provides include: 


·       Laser photocoagulation for TTTS

·       Serial amnioreduction

·       Selective umbilical cord coagulation 

·       Release of critical amniotic bands

·       Radiofrequency ablation for TRAP pregnancies

·       Fetal shunting for thoracic or urinary conditions

·       Fetal transfusion 

·       Continuing observation and counseling for twins with TAPS, SIUGR, or discordance for anomalies and babies with LUTO

·       Management of complex chorioangiomas

·       Follow up of complicated monochorionic pregnancies

Learn more about how to refer and what your patients can expect at seattlechildrens.org/fetalcenter


We are, as always, committed to providing a seamless, personalized, family-centered experience for your patients. 


Many of you have referred patients to Seattle Children’s Hospital Prenatal Diagnosis and Treatment Clinic and Fetal Cardiology over the years. With the addition of the Maternal Fetal Intervention and Surgery Program we are now offer the only fetal intervention and surgery program in the Pacific Northwest.


In addition to the the Maternal Fetal Intervention and Surgery Program, the Center offers advanced diagnostic and testing options, dedicated care coordination, the most comprehensive pediatric medical and surgical experts in the region, and comprehensive support services, to provide the next generation of fetal care for families around the Northwest and beyond. 


Available When You Need Us

·      We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round, for urgent concerns.  

·     We provide families with second-opinion consultations with our team in Seattle via telemedicine. 


Outcomes Among the Best in the Nation 

·      We, Drs. Walker and Paek, have performed 575 laser fetoscopic laser ablations for twin-to-twin transfusion, with 96.5% of procedures resulting in one or more twin surviving and over 75% dual survival.

·      Seattle Children’s has some of the highest 30-day survival rates in the nation for neonatal heart surgeries and CDH. 


State-of-the-Art Facilities 

·      In 2021, Seattle Children’s remodeled and expanded the Fetal Care and Treatment Center at Springbrook Professional Center, a block from Seattle Children’s Hospital campus. Our outpatient fetal therapy center is fully equipped for appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

·     Some of our procedures, such as fetoscopic surgery, laser procedures, and bipolar cord coagulation, are performed at UW Medical Center-Montlake, located less than 1 mile away. 


Other Services the Fetal Care and Treatment Center Provide

  • Fetal Diagnosis Program 

o   Comprehensive evaluation, counseling, and management guidance in pregnancies

o   with fetal anomalies

o   Maternal fetal medicine (MFM)-level obstetrical imaging, including 1st trimester anatomy ultrasound screening

o   Fetal echocardiogram and pediatric cardiology consultations

o   Maternal fetal medicine consultations for maternal issues (in-person/telehealth)

o   On-site genetic counseling


Learn more at seattlechildrens.org/fetalcenter


We are excited to take this next step and collaboration. We appreciate your partnership caring for families in our region. 




Martin, Bettina, Mark and Wendy 


Martin Walker, MD, Co-director, Fetal Intervention and Surgery Program, Fetal Care and Treatment Center


Bettina Paek, MD, Co-director, Fetal Intervention and Surgery Program


Mark Lewin, MD, Medical Director, Fetal Care and Treatment Center


Wendy McGrath, MSOTR/L, Clinic director Fetal Care and Treatment Center



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